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Ian Griffiths

His paintings are created in a direct response to the natural world, exploring his subject in different mediums and contrasting styles to share his experience and emotions with the viewer. He turns his brush from controlled strokes illustrating a field guide to broad sweeps of a canvas but either way the paint is applied with thought to balance, composition and tone.

Birds hold a fascination that has been with him since a small child and the majority of his paintings are birds, in particular the Parrot family.

Ian, or Griff to many, has travelled the world for many years and this has added to his knowledge of Wildlife and its environment, using this experience he is able to paint his subject matter with accuracy and feeling. Travelling mainly in tropical and sub tropical regions is where his interest and fascination with Parrots came to the forefront.

He believes strongly that all art can make a difference to conservation. By sharing how he interprets his subject through art, Ian is asking the observer to take a fresh look at nature through a different pair of eyes.

Ian also uses his art to raise funds for conservation projects and is proud to do this with the World Parrot Trust.

Ian lives in the town of Helston in Cornwall

Winner BBC Wildlife artist of the year‘Animals in their environment

Runner up BBC Wildlife artist of the year ‘World birds’ Spix Macaws

David Shepherd foundation. Short-listed Wildlife artist of the year

The wildlife art society international. Founders awards, St Cuthberts mill best work on paper and others