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Ian Griffiths

What is an affiliate program?

You recommend my art to people (your followers or people you know).

Some of those people purchase my art based on your recommendation.

You get paid a commission for those purchases.

That simple.

Interested? Then complete this simple form and your application will be considered.

Affiliate application

How does affiliate marketing work?

You have a blog, website, facebook, email list or some other online presence where people listen to what you have to say.

You partner with me if you’d like to recommend my art. As my partner, you are an  affiliate (sometimes referred to as an associate, partner, Internet marketer or affiliate marketer).

You recommend (sometimes referred to as market or promote) my art  to your friends and followers. You might do this by writing a post about it or banner ad somewhere on your site, mentioning it in your email newsletter or talking about it on social media. You include a special link to the product or service so followers can check it out for themselves. But you don’t just use any link, you use your affiliate link. It contains a special number, your affiliate ID, which is unique to you.

A follower uses your affiliate link to check out my products and they decide to purchase it.

When their purchase is complete, you earn a commission.  25% of the product price

You receive a payout of your accumulated earnings after a specified period of time, usually 30 days just in case there is a problem with the purchase (cooling off period).