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Paintings of Parrots
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Ian ‘Griff’ Griffiths

The question I get asked most, after how long does it take you, is how much is a painting. Without being evasive that is just as difficult a question. I am a full time artist and do make my living through my profession so just as you would expect to pay a plumber a reasonable rate so is the case with artists. Its a lifetime of study and practice., There are many artist out there who will copy your photo and make a reasonable job and don't need to earn a living.


That's the big question. A life time of study and learning but that's not relevant.

It all depends of what I have on at the time, the complexity of the composition and mediums used. I don't churn out endless painting which all look the same each work is its own creation.


Talk to me by email or phone but before you do think about these questions:

What do I want, that might sound a silly question but:it best to get everything right, or a least most of it, before a painting starts

Have you photographs and do these show the character and special features of your bird.? (Companion birds)


Talk to you by email or phone.

I will ask you questions to get a feel of what you want, some people have fixed ideas some are happy to let me decide.

I will make a very rough thumbnail sketch or sketches

I will give you an estimated cost.and approximate time scale.

Once we have agreed I will require a 25% non refundable deposit to cover my time and shows commitment from you

I will then make a coloured sketch of my interpretation, please bear in mind painting evolve during their creation and the artist does need some room for adaptation.

I will show you the painting just before it is finished for any changes and adjustments.

If you really don't like it then there is no commitment just your deposit, It has never happened yet.

Once you are delighted with the end result the balance is due and when it is cleared the paining will be sent to you

The copyright always remains with the artist and if you wish to reproduce the painting written permission must be obtained and this may incur a cost if for commercial reasons.

I do occasionally reproduce prints and other items from a commission..

A commission is a very prestigious and special work painted just for you but it is in all our interests to make sure we both know what is expected. The process should be enjoyable and rewarding every step of the way.

Once you have it hanging in your house, work or even a special friends you can feel you are a part of the painting.

I only create a hand full of commission each year and priority is given to regular customers

If you have any questions or are looking for a commission please email me in the first instances,